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January 22, 2019

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No one wants to hear about your commitment to gender equality if your executives are all male.

September 23, 2019

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Transform faster by putting people first.

May 25, 2017

“It’s no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow.”


For my client Conversion Talent, I worked on a white paper about digital transformation. The quote above from Eric Pearson, CIO, International Hotel Group (IHG), opened my eyes. 


Below, you find some takeaways from the white paper. Want to read the full story? Download your free copy here: www.conversiontalent.eu/faster.



The era of 50-year company’s lifespan and slow business evolution is long gone, we’ve entered a fast-moving world where digital is an almighty sovereign. After years racing to fill in the technological gap, digital transformation takes a new, deeper turn that is led by people: expectations and behaviours have changed, and the digital-native generation won’t stop.


So, today, digital transformation is about people.


To achieve digital maturity in companies, it will be crucial enforcing the right change of mindset. Therefore new skills brought from the outside and commitment from the workforce inside are the two gears that need to be put in motion. Only then the digital machine will start moving and gain the required velocity.



»  First step will always be assessing the state-of-art in terms of culture and skills to uncover the real needs of the company.

»  Problem-solving techniques like the double diamond model will help define a custom-made strategy.

»  Communicate transversally to align everyone in the company will be key for sustainable change.

»  Empower your existing workforce by recognising their skills, and inspire and support them by bringing new blood in.




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